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April 12, 2025


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The Easter Triumph is an 80-minute passion play performed by cast members from the greater Austin area. The play is an outreach, and the committee purposely selects venues outside of church settings to encourage the entire community to attend.

The play is scripture-based and not intended to promote any particular denomination. The pageant itself is sponsored by the Austin-area Lutheran Churches-Missouri Synod. Cast members, however, come from all Christian denominations, from Catholic to Methodist to Baptist.

The mission of the pageant is to present
our community the passion, death and resurrection
of Jesus Christ our
Lord. Savior. Messiah.

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My word that proceeds from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please, and it will prosper where I send it.

Isaiah 55:11

Quotes from the Cast

“My favorite scene is when Jesus goes into heaven. It just gives me a thrill. In your heart you know the story, but here you get to be a part of it. The pageant is like a family reunion every year.”
Ann Alvarado
Member since 1959
“It really doesn’t hit you until you’re on the stage and the curtain opens. Then you really lose yourself in the role.”
Joseph Calvo
member since 1974
“Playing Jesus has made me appreciate what He did for us. My favorite scene is with Jesus and Peter—Feed my sheep. It was a moving scene. It shows the close relationship between Jesus and Peter.”
Barry Samsel
(Jesus 1991-1992)

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